Spy sapping my post


STAR_ is a youtube channel mostly about playing Team Fortress 2. It’s about having fun and just goofing around in TF 2 and other games. He often does live commentaries while playing and he usually makes a video when a new update comes for TF 2 regarding that update. In addition he makes videos funny and sometimes a little weird videos about other random games.

As usual in the youtube community the big factor that makes his content great is his personality. He is funny, creative and at the same time interesting. He often also plays with another youtuber, Jerma (channel name Jerma985), who also has a great personality.

I really recommend checking out STAR’s channels


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A video of him playing with Jerma:



Is honesty the best policy


Honest Trailers is a really popular show on youtube from the channel Screen Junkies. Honest Trailers is a little hard to explain on its own, but it’s basically a comedic rant about the movie in its trailer and it has an awesome movie voice ranting in it.

The Honest Trailers are absolutely great and that shows in the amount of views it gets (it’s a lot). But it isn’t the only show on that channel, they also have the Screen Junkies Show which is hosted by Hal Rudnick, which has some random topics about different movie and television things. In addition to those the channel has some random videos about (you guessed it!) movies and television such as supercut.

I suggest you go and take a look at their comedic genius and other stuff. http://www.youtube.com/user/screenjunkies

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Down below are some of the MUST watch videos theirs.


One of the funniest honest trailers:


Legendary LOTR Gif megamix. Trust me it’s absolutely hilarious:



Better than a vlog


Elliott Morgan is a host on Sourcefed (a youtube channel about news with a hint of comedy) and he recently started a show on his own channel called Happy Hour.

Happy Hour is not an hour long show (don’t even act surprised) it’s usually about five minutes long which is just a perfect amount of time for a show that is a half vlog half show really. I guess you could call it a shlog. I think of it as an upgraded version of vlogs.

Elliot himself is a hilarious individual who has great insights on many differerent things and is at the sametime a very charismatic and a funny person. And those qualities make his show work really well and make him a great host.

I highly recommend you go and check out his channel.                                   http://www.youtube.com/user/ElliottMorgan?feature=watch

(I’m going to take a more in depth look at Sourcefed and SourcefedNerd soon)

Amazing cooking show parody



The video is by WOWCrendor and it is an amazingly funny parody on the cooking shows that there are loads of.

WOWCrendor usually doesn’t make videos like this. His channel mostly consists of WOW related videos which isn’t surprising given the name of the channel, but he also has some high quality non-content videos and some let’s plays on there. He often has let’s plays with Jesse Cox (OMFGCata) and these let’s plays are absolutely brilliant and hilarious. Especially their Saints Row 3 playthrough together was ridiculously funny. I’d suggest you take a look at that if you haven’t while waiting for their inevitable Saint Row 4 let’s play.

I’m planning to do a post on Jesse’s channel also sometime soon.

Go checkout WOWCrendor and his amazing contents and non-contents http://www.youtube.com/user/wowcrendor

And So It Begins

Hello and so forth. This is a blog/website dedicated to all the shows and happenings of the internet. I started to notice how the internet is getting bloated with all of these different and amazing quality shows and I decided to start a whole blog to share these shows with everyone.

I’m hoping to write a lot of different posts on different shows and in time create an archive for these shows where they would be categorized and could be easily discovered. I’m not quite sure how often I’m going to write here, but I’m hoping for atleast one post every other day.

One big thing I want to do as well is to include the readers and the community in to this blog, if I get a community around this (fingers crossed). And the way I’m planning to do that is to get as much of your feedback and suggestions as possible. I would like you to suggest me these different internet shows to write about. I’m also thinking about a maybe weekly or monthly reddit chat where we could chat about the happenings around this blog on reddit.

And lastly I’d like to tell you what I mean by “internet shows”. By that I mean all the shows like Nostalgia Critic by Thatguywiththeglasses and the different channels and shows on youtube like the Philip DeFranco Show or the SourceFed channel and its shows.


Hopefully this marks the beginning of something legen                  wait for it                   dary.